Small Plates & Salad

crispy wok crepe


duck- romaine lettuce, cucumber, scallions, hoisin sauc

crispy golden okras & duck liver sausage


okra, egg wash, string beans, minced duck liver sausage, peanuts, fried scallions

kirby clam salad


kirby cucumber, clams, fried dried anchovies, Yunnan chilli peppers, olive oil and sesame oil

double delight chicken wings


lemongrass and namyu (red rice wine fermented tofu)

fresh mountain yam tahini salad


chilled mountain yam, tahini, coconut milk dressing, walnuts

sweetened cherry tomato salad


chilled sweetened tomatoes, osmanthus honey, aged rice wine jelly

arctic clam salad


arctic clams, Chinese broccoli, ginger sauce, fried lotus root, sesame

tom yum beef tripe


beef tripe, cassava, tom yum reduction

shrimp & asparagus spring rolls (4)


shrimp mousse, asparagus

crispy wok crepe


shiitake- romaine lettuce, mushroom sauce

Taster (Dim Sum)

windmill foie gras dumplings (3)


foie gras, shrimp mousse

touch of black truffle dumplings (3)


black truffle oil, mixed Asian vegetables

puffed rice fish croquettes (3)


fish and seafood mousse, mozzarella cheese, puffed rice

cubed steak & asparagus dumplings (3)


cubed filet mignon, asparagus, black pep per sauce, caviar, smelt roe, salmon roe

bbq eel dumplings (3)


eel, chayote

caviar fish wraps (3)


flounder, caviar, tofu sheet

fried stuffed eggplants (6)


eggplant, shrimp mousse, garlic sauce

Traditional “fun”

grilled salmon


salmon, egg whites, salmon roe, black pepper, ginger and scallions tossed with ho fun

seafood ho fun in broth


shrimp, squid, chayote and mushrooms in broth

vegan chicken & Chinese broccoli


vegan chicken (fried tofu skin), quinoa ho fun tossed with black pepper, ginger sauce, olive oil, served with grounded scallion ginger and soy sauce

black truffle mushrooms


black truffle, fresh shiitake and seasonal mushrooms, white wine

house special ho fun & eggplant


ho fun and eggplant, smothered in our house special sauce made with dried squid and cured duck, steamed in lotus leaf

Here at Saaho Village, our rice noodles are freshly made by hand, daily, using the traditional method, and only with organic grains, all-natural ingredients and spring water. The noodle texture is silky smooth with just the right firmness and a tenacity to the bite. We prepare these handmade noodles in classic dishes as well as creative signature dishes.

Tiny Tiles

black pepper filet mignon with quinoa tiny tiles


filet mignon cubes, asparagus, black pepper sauce, ho fun made with organic quinoa

shrimp with broccoli tiny tiles


Malaysian belacan shrimp paste, okra, red & green peppers, onion, ho fun with diced broccoli

black bean chicken with rainbow tiny tiles


peppers, onion, black bean sauce, ho fun with organic beet, mushroom, kale and pumpkin puree

Cheong “Fun”

premium aged soy sauce seared cheong fun


soy sauce pan seared cheong fun, shredded snow peas, bean sprout, red pepper, served with 4 sauces (peanut sesame, hoisin, mustard/wasabi, house hot sauce)

baked Italian cheong fun


cured duck, chicken sausage, mozzarella cheese, homemade tomato sauce

fish cheong fun in bone broth reduction


carp mousse, turnip, celery, steamed cheong fun in bone broth reduction

roast duck cheong fun


diced roast duck, chayote, steamed cheong fun in 5-spice duck jus with crisp roast duck skin

Chef’s Recommendation

poached lamb belly with spicy cumin


succulent broth poached lamb belly, tofu skin, wolfberry, served with house spicy cumin sauce

smoked duck breast


osmanthus honey glazed crisp skin smoked duck breast, sugar beets

seafood & chicken stuffed lotus root with fresh mushrooms


seafood mousse, chicken sausage, lotus root and fresh mushrooms

Vegetables and Rice

blanched heart of romaine


served in soy sauce with fried red shallots

sautéed asparagus


fried dried anchovies, garlic, olive oil, black pepper

vegan fried organic red rice


asparagus, egg whites, pickled mustard greens, scallions

roasted eel & smelt roe fried rice


roasted eel, smelt roe, asparagus, eggs, scallions

organic white rice


Light n Sweet

apple ginger tower


fresh apples, ginger, walnuts, ginseng honey

Asian mango pudding


mango, pomelo, coconut milk, tapioca

pan fried taro pumpkin cakes (3)


taro, sweet pumpkin mash

sesame balls (4)


crispy glutinous rice sesame ball, egg yolk cream, topped with granola

tong yuen (sweet rice flour dumplings) (4)


rice dumplings with peanut and sesame fillings, topped with sweet sesame sauce and granola

Allergy Disclaimer:
Some of our dishes may contain wheat, dairy, soy, fish, or nuts allergens. Please inform our servers if a person in your party has a food allergy before placing your order.